Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where is the line?

Can she still call for your help?
Car trouble? Plumbing problems?
Can you still be a nice guy if you don’t help her?
Can I still be your number one if you do?
Can I feel like you are mine only if you are still the one she goes to?
How can I not feel like a second wife, a second-rate wife?
Why can I not feel like you want to protect me and take care of me, but she can expect that of you?

Will there ever be a line where her personal relationship with you ends?
When I’ll stop seeing her name and yours on the mail?
When neighbors will stop remembering it as yours and her house?
Where fellow church-goers will know you and me and not you and her?
When will I be the one your friends and family know you to be with more?
Will they remember you with me more?
When can I feel like you will take care of me?

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