Monday, December 25, 2006

Missionary Expenses

My first car ever was my dad's old car. Actually it was his dad's car before it was his. My dad "lent" it to me when I moved to Washington, but once I moved and had a subsequent car wreck, it became mine. He fixed it up with a new bumper, and some bungee cords and pins to hold the hood down. The bumper was white and the car maroon, and there was no grill on the front. Bea Dean called it my Tijuana special.

When that car finally got donated to the kidney foundation, I bought a car from a fleet of missionary cars. Like rental cars (I used to work for Avis), missionary cars get some rough handling, but also get regular service so I bought a missionary car, also priced a lot lower than the low bluebook and only 3 years old.

It's a 2000 and recently seems to have begun its breakdown. We had the rear brake cylinders fixed 2 weeks ago and then the heat broke last Tuesday morning. Last week Tyler and I were driving down to Vegas for the BYU bowl game and surprisingly, found this never before seen piece of paraphernalia.

Given that a credit card was included, and we had to replace 2 tires on the car in Beaver, Utah on our way back from Vegas, I was really tempted to use the card for "missionary expenses." I mean, I did use the car to support the BYU cougars didn't I? It's really too bad for me that the card was expired.

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