Monday, April 09, 2007

On the HB's 30th birthday

30 things I love about him:

1.he gets excited about trying a new rootbeer
2.when telling a story, he includes all the autobiographical details of everyone in the story
3.he buys the same pair of Adidas every time his shoes get worn out
4.I can beat him at air hockey
5.I can’t always beat him at speed anymore
6.he likes to take pictures and appreciates their sentimental value
7.sometimes he brushes his teeth for six or seven minutes
8.he has beautiful blue eyes
9.the way he plays with little animals and with babies
10.he makes me laugh every time he quotes “the big lebowski”
11.he went to my yoga class with me
12.he taught me to love football
13.he gets excited about a new tool
14.he lets me sleep in when I can
15.he is over prepared for every camping trip we take
16.he hiked all the way to sundial peak with me having no idea how long it would take
17.he tells me he loves me and that I’m hot
18.he gets dirty and fixes things
19.he makes me laugh when he tries to speak in Japanese (buta-chan, buta-chan)
20.he sings AC/DC like it should be sung—unintelligible, but imitating the voice well
21.he’s gone to concerts with me when he didn’t know the band at all
22.he introduced me to the Eagles of Death Metal and admitted the lead singer was hot because he was so flirtatious is very important to him
24.he made that army movie of Caiden
25.he is hilarious in that 80’s music video he made with his brothers
26.he practices baseball with Caiden
27.he fake laughs when I tickle him
28.he keeps a blanket in his truck for me
29.he lets me tease him
30.he asked me out


Tyler said...

Thanks baby. You're so sweet.

amanda the great said...

that was so sweet, i almost cried.

Summit said...

When did you guys do Sundial peak?????