Saturday, September 01, 2007


The HB left me all alone tonight to answer Caiden's hard questions. I was still tucking him in when he said he felt like something was missing. It went like this:

"what's missing?"
"i don't know i just feel like one of my animals is missing or something."
"okay, here's your teddy bear" [picking him up] "here's your dog, your lion, and your tiny teddy"
"oh, that's what it was, the tiny teddy...why do call it a tiny teddy?"
"because he's tiny, have you ever seen a bear that tiny? even babies aren't that tiny"
"yeah they are. they are when they're in the mommy's tummy...Are babies just hatched from an egg and then born from their mommies?"
"yeah they are"
"how big are they in the egg?"
"they're just a speck"
"how big is the egg, two specks?"
"yeah" "but then they take 9 months to grow to baby size inside the mommy."
"nuh uh, it's already been 2 years" [indicating me]
"well, i'm not growing a baby yet"
"oh, when are you going to grow one?"
"i'll tell you when we decide"
"how do you know when you're growing one?"
"when you get fat. now go to sleep."

Hopefully, none of this information was a surprise for anyone reading.

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Amanda the great said...

LOLOLOL!!!!!!That was hilarious! So, when are you going to grow a baby? J/K!
It's true, you know when you get fat.