Saturday, August 05, 2006

50 things about me

random preferences and things that make me who I am today

1. I hate censorship.
2. I hate anything done half-heartedly and therefore often hate myself because half-hearted is all I can do sometimes.
3. My heart beats 44 beats per minute, as of age 27
4. I think I’m good at writing, but I rarely do it and am probably not so good because of that.
5. I LOVE live music.
6. I love dancing, but am not that good at it.
7. I cried the first time I got stitches, age 26.
8. I always worshipped my older brothers and wanted them to like me.
9. I was a great college roommate except that one time I borrowed one of my roommates’ skirts and it got a rip in it and I never told her.
10. I’ve always wished I was as happy and beautiful as my twin sister.
11. I love to travel alone. I love the idea of traveling with my lover.
12. I’m in love with Rachel Weisz.
13. I compulsively look for jobs, even when I’m happy in my current occupation.
14. I once rented a car to Fred Savage.
15. I loved doing karaoke when I was in Japan
16. I was a toe-head when I was a kid and continued to dye my hair blonde until I was 24.
17. I love black. My mom never let me wear it growing up. I don't know if that's why I love it, but I do.
18. I don’t like hot chocolate.
19. Summer is my favorite season with fall close on its heels.
20. I’ve never cared much about going to Hawaii or the Caribbean, but would love to go somewhere in Africa or South America or Siberia.
21. I find hearing the F-bomb really refreshing sometimes.
22. I made out with my next door neighbor the day after breaking off a 4 year relationship—it was so liberating!
23. I love being woken up for sex.
24. I love cemeteries and empty playgrounds—they are both so romantic because of the memories there.
25. After I saw the movie “road to perdition” I wished I could puke it up.
26. The healthiest I ever felt was during a summer I spent living in a tent showering once a week—covered in sweat, dirt, bug spray, and suncreen.
27. The thing I'm most proud of in my life is the baby boy I placed for adoption when I was 18.
28. I wish I didn’t work so hard sometimes so people wouldn’t expect so much of me
29. I love exploring abandoned or halfway built or halfway ruined buildings
30. I hate eating with my coat on.
31. I used to drive in just my underwear to visit my out-of-town boyfriend and then get dressed just before arrival—I didn’t have AC.
32. I love being bitten on the back of the neck.
33. Michael Ondaatje’s poem “the cinnamon peeler’s wife” is the sexiest I’ve ever heard.
34. I made a stained glass rendering of Dante's "The Inferno" for my high school senior English project. I'm not much of an artist so I'm really proud of it, I thought it was very interpretive.
35. I smoked cigarettes and joints in my dorm room during my first semester of college.
36. I am addicted to lotion, if my hands feel dry enough it will wake me up in the middle of the night for lotion.
37. At the Dead Sea I covered my whole body in mud and then washed it off and never felt so soft.
38. I love blood and passion, I mean Bible stories and mythical stories full of ferocity and characters so full of passion for their beliefs.
39. I can’t stand the feel of sleeves when I’m in bed.
40. My twin and I have had several “twin” experiences where we showed up wearing the same ankle bracelet or found out we’d both taken pregnancy tests the same day and were both negative.
41. I have a vampire slayer mole—it’s on my chest close to my left shoulder.
42. This American Life talk radio program is my favorite.
43. When I first graduated with my bachelor degree I got turned down for a job that pays nothing—the Americorps.
44. I love the magazine Wired even though I’m not a techie because the ads are so modern and they always have a new music recommendation.
45. My day hasn’t begun until I have broken a sweat.
46. I probably cry about 5 times a week.
47. I worked at Taco Bell for 30 minutes until on the verge of fainting I ran out of the door and vomited.
48. I'm a Mormon and it's a constant struggle to define what kind.
49. I can recite the Muslim call to prayer.
50. I’m recently graduated with my MBA and still wish I could get paid to explore ruins, go to concerts, and help impoverished and violated communities.

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Tyler said...

I love you for every one of those and another 50 that could be added on.