Friday, February 23, 2007

Coping Agents

Yesterday I was rear-ended. The day before yesterday, my passenger side-view mirror blew off of my car while I was driving on the interstate. It was glued down over a year ago from being knocked off once before, and it eventually came loose. Wednesday, the HB and I had an argument before going to our first session of the marriage coaching class we're taking. And Wednesday I notified my boss that I'd be starting a new job. Though none of these things are overwhelmingly detrimental, the combination could usually get me feeling pretty emotional.

(Not that I'm not usually very emotional. One time in college I'd just moved into the apartment with a new set of rooommates, some I knew. We started talking about how female apartments often end up with their time-of-the-month coinciding because of so much time spent together. One of the girls joked how she wondered which of us we would all synchronize with and then declared that it wouldn't be her because she isn't that emotional. Shortly thereafter, everyone pinpointed me as the emotional one, the one whose period the other girls would involuntarily end up synchronizing with due to the powerful effects of hormones. Yes, I am very emotional.)

It's always good to have some coping agents though, something that makes you feel good or feel strong.

Silly as it may sound, one of those coping agents is just doing the marriage class. It may sound contrary to be excited about it, but that's because I hate not doing something about things. I hate stagnance. I'd rather do something. The truth can only emerge from error right? The truth can't come from nothing or nowhere.

Another agent or agents I should say are my girlfriends. After much delay, I finally got together with some girlfriends for dinner the other night. It felt so good, so refreshing. I need those things. Thanks Kristin and Laura!

And just because I still feel refreshed from this as well, I'll say night showers. I'm pretty routine, I take my shower every morning after my workout. I know that I like showering at night, but often when it comes around it doesn't seem worth the effort and it seems pointless since I'll only shower again in the morning. But I did it last night for the first time in months and it felt sooooo good.

There are a lot of other things out there, that make me feel good, and strong, and rejuvenated, but I'll leave it at that for now.

**and the HB is a wonderful coping agent himself--he supports me and helps me through numerous issues. I love you babe!

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Kristin said...

I made into Alene's blog! How cool is that? I was so excited I had to tell Laura to come read it so she could be excited too! We love you Alene!