Monday, February 12, 2007


My favorite sandwich shop is downtown Salt Lake. It's owner moved here from Bosnia. He always greets me with a smile, remembers my order, my husband, and my job. The place is called Toasters. They don't quite toast the bread, but perfectly warmed and then give it some balsamic vinegar right on it. They serve their sandwiches with plain potato chips and they sell all sorts of European chocolate bars as well. He changes the art out occasionally, but there are some prints--mostly travel brochure-type posters and some art. Some of the posters were donated to him when Olympians from around the world came to Salt Lake City--I love his stuff. Plus it's small, there's a bright yellow couch, and some paper lantern-type lighting that sit against the one wall that's brick. Today the HB and I were there, and after talking to the owner he brought me over a chocolate bar. He just gave it to me. It was so nice.

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