Friday, January 26, 2007


Last night Tyler brought me a Red Bull while I was working with his written prescription: Take one of these and see me at midnight.

It was really sweet because I was so tired and it was a very busy night. The other manager wanted to leave early tonight and we'd already arranged. So after we had seated the last show and done our ticket report she left. Then, just about 10 minutes before the movie was supposed to be over the director showed up. Usually the entourage staff is supposed to let us know if anyone from the film is coming. They didn't so we assumed no, which means that when we introduced the film we told the audience there would be no Q&A afterwards so they don't need to stick around. I was totally surprised that he had come, but knew everyone would love to hear from him. So for a few minutes I was frantic, trying to get the projectionist to get ready to turn on the mic and turn on the house lights as soon as the credits roll so I can quickly announce the director/writer before anyone gets up. Plus I didn't know his name and didn't want to ask him so I got another volunteer to go downstairs and look in the catalog and tell me on my headset so he didn't know. (thank you Tina!) I guess it all went well though. None of the cast came, but Michael Douglas was in the film. The last question from the audience was:
"What makes a guy like MIchael Douglas do a film like this--one that pays very little?"

The director/writer hesitates, then says "I don't know. Why do any of us do it? Why are we all here?" Then he steps down and walks out.

It was interesting because at first he seemed annoyed that the question wasn't really for him but more for Michael Douglas--but to me it ended well because it made us all ask ourselves why we love independent film? What's so great about Sundance? Because these guys get the chance to tell their story and it must be great to have a big name actor think the story is so great too that they want to be in it. The movie was called "King of California" and was really good.

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